When considering the impact that gendered advertising has on the culture at large, I reflect on how I, a non-binary person who was assigned female at birth, interacts with this space. When gendered advertising promotes such a strict binary, one that so assertively creates a lens of objectification towards women, how do I define my own existence in relation to this.

This series is a reflection of my attempt to hide within the gender binary that was given to me and the failing of this through the eyes of society. In an attempt to become the perfection of 'woman' that is displayed in the culture, my seemingly imperfect self is exposed and my grotesque defiance of gender is revealed for the eyes of the binary abiding society I live in. Striving for this perfection pushes the figure into the unreal and is now viewed as an object. 

Visualised as commercial photographs, this work aims to hide in plain site, though simultaneously defying the requirements of the chosen platform.


POSE 1.jpg

Simply Venus, Digital Composite, 2020

POSE 3.jpg

Venus (Embrase Discomfort), Digital Composite, 2020

POSE 6.jpg

Sensitive Venus, Digital Composite, 2020

POSE 4.jpg

Embrace Venus, Digital Composite, 2020

POSE 2.jpg

Venus (Extra Smooth), Digital Composite, 2020

POSE 5.jpg

Disposable Venus, Digital Composite, 2020