This is a digital collage series dedicated to my family home in Wandella NSW, which was lost in the 2020 bushfires. These works explore how new forms of existence can be created through the process of re-imagining a past experience. By digitally deconstructing and then reconstructing the photographs of my family home there is the intention of re-visualising this past into the present. As the landscape and place have since been destroyed, how can I make the photograph speak truth of this significant change? The works are collaged together with a digital representation of the landscape found on Google Earth. Google Earth shows this landscape as it looked before the fires burnt the land and surrounding forests. Much like how a photograph is used as a window into memory and into the past, Google Earth is creating a similar impact by showing this place as unscathed from the fires. By combining these images, I am asking ‘how does this place exist now that it is physically gone? and what does this memory of place look like?’

dad alone long.jpg

Dad in the bush, Digital Collage, 2020

Wandella lanscape house 4.jpg

Dad and Me, Digital Collage, 2020

Parents 2 copy.jpg

Parents Together, Digital Collage, 2020


Mum at the Beginning, Digital Collage, 2020

Wandella landscape 2 FOR GALLERY.jpg

Family at the creek, Digital Collage, 2020

Being Kids, Digital Collages 1-4, 2020

photo 5 bath edit copy 5.jpg
IMG_3902 copy 2.jpg
jakome copy 2.jpg
IMG_20200804_0031 copy 9.jpg
IMG_5367 copy 3.jpg

Painting the House, Digital Painting, 2020

new collage copy 2.jpg

Orange Paint, Digital Paintings, 2020

IMG_9208 copy 2.jpg

Sunflowers, Digital Painting, 2020

LISA PREGNANT copy 2.jpg

Lisa Pregnant, Digital Collage, 2020