With the use of deconstruction through collage, I ritualistically deconstruct the silencing power of domestic violence. Through the piercing motion of the needle through fabric, I articulate the violence present in such an experience. These works explore the impacts that domestic violence have on the individual and the community at large. I use my lived experience as a young person who lived in a domestic violence household as the ignition for my investigation; the artworks displayed here relate exclusively to this social issue. The impacts of domestic violence are far-reaching within many communities yet progress to tackle it is frustratingly slow. I am redefining myself through the  act of confession and I am asserting my truth into public space. Through my practice I use confession within art to create awareness around experiences of trauma. I hope to unveil the true impact of this invisible epidemic in our community. My works consider the notion of a child present in this situation – often seen as a silent witness. I assert that I was a victim of violence, not a witness. I was silenced by the power of violence – until now.

Perspex, wood and LED light, 2021

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