Clothes of Comfort is a series of oil paintings and sculpture created to express the transformative nature of clothing. What humans define clothing to mean changes throughout history, though the tendency to create meaning in the first place has stayed constant. The culture defines us by our attributes and the clothes we choose to wear play a part in this definition.

Clothes of Comfort is an exploration into the interaction of my queer identity and fashion, and how this is percieved within the culture.

Your True Nature Painting.jpg

Your True Nature, Oil on Canvas, 2018

Big boy painting.jpg

Big Boy, Oil on Canvas, 2018

There is something off about you paintin

Something is Off, Oil on Canvas, 2018

Please fuck off painting.jpg

Please Fuck Off, Oil on Canvas, 2018

Hey Babe Painting.jpg

Hey Baby, Oil on Canvas, 2018

com painting.jpg

.com, Oil on Canvas, 2018

Plastic candy shell.jpg

Plastic Candy Shell, Acrylic on Fabric and Plaster, 2018